Lucy is an independent podcast producer from Providence, Rhode Island currently living in Los Angeles. While getting her masters in visual anthropology at USC Lucy began volunteering in prisons across California with the Partnership for Reentry Program. Three years into this work, Lucy created "Life on the Outside" in an effort to hold space for the conversations and stories shared by those returning home from prison after long-term incarceration.



Georgia Fu is a photographer and filmmaker based in Los Angeles. After a brief stint at the photo desk of the International Herald Tribune in their Paris and Hong Kong offices, she went on to receive her MFA in Film Production at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. She participated in VII Photo Masterclass in Berlin, where she began her photography on incarceration in the US. She continues to pursue her interests in photography while developing her first feature film.

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Sammy Martinez is a self-taught artist who specializes in figure and portrait paintings. He was incarcerated for 21 years and paroled in early 2017. Creating a logo for the podcast: Life on the Outside hit close to home for Sammy. He understands the changes, thoughts, and feelings that the man on the bench must feel. The bird representing the bliss of seemingly impossible freedom, and yet that ever-present barbed “L” that will forever, in some way, affect the liberated lifer the rest of his days. .



Vinay Shah is a Los Angeles based Contemporary Composer with a versatile palette of sound to fulfil various moods and genres. As a graduate of the Berklee college of music Vinay has the ability to create eclectic sonic landscapes. From urban beats to orchestral score, Vinay pushes the boundaries of expression through his “Fresh Beat Flavor.”

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